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After sending us the requested parts we will send you back a standard quote with all prices.

For more information and to get the most suitable machine for your needs, please contact your region dealer.

For more information please contact our service department at or contact your RMH dealer.

Due to changes made in the machines over the years it is highly recommended to give your machine chassis number and a description of the problem when asking for a part.

All our machines software is free and is given as part of the first use training. Please contact your dealer for more information.

Our support team is using TeamViewer for distance support. Please contact your dealer or our service department to set a training. Our technicians speak English – please make sure you have an English speaking personal for the training.

Books (Parts and Operation) can be sent to you free of change. Please contact us at

Training at your site can be ordered through your dealer.

RMH warranty period and conditions are unique for each machine.

Please contact your dealer for more information.

Call now at +972-8-6891121 for more support

We truly care about our customers and our product.

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