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Lachish Industries Ltd. was established in 1956. Lachish Industries is a leading company in its field,  developing, producing  and marketing of feed mixers for dairy farms.   During the course of the 56 years of its operation, the company has developed great expertise in the matter; together with an experienced skilled team and the Israeli dairy farms  which are a leading factor in terms of production of milk.  The company has taken a leading role from a technological standpoint.   

Lachish has developed various tools for a very wide variety of farms in the world,  which vary in size and required conditions and Lachish has in fact provided a complete feeding solution for farms throughout many geographical areas in the world.   

In all we are the leading company for the Self Propelled machines and we have developed the trailer mixers based on the requirements of the United Kingdom market. 

Lachish is a feed-mixer manufacturer for the dairy farm and it operates in the markets around the world with much competition.  Nonetheless, Lachish still maintains the leading technology and produces the widest variety of machines with a volume from 4 to 50 cubic meter, trailer mixers, stationary mixers and Self Propelled.

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